Okay, I’ve been digging a hole and I know I’ve been told off about it before now, but I didn’t start it. There was already a hole under the hedge that a rabbit had made, and I just made it a little bit bigger - okay, a lot bigger. How else was I going to get down there? And believe me, I wanted to get down there because the scent of the rabbits was wafting up at me every time I passed the hole. No I’m not going to chase them and try and catch them. For one thing I’m not fast enough, and for another I just want to play with them, like I used to do with our cat, Tom, before he got lost. I’m hoping he’ll find his way home one day so I keep an eye out for him. And what’s more, I want to know where the hole goes, how long it is, whether there are small rooms off to the side, whether it’s warm and smelly, where it comes out. I think it must come out in the woods because I can see the rabbits in the woods when I look through the hedge at night. They blow raspberries at me because I’m stuck on this side and they’re out there in their magical moonlit world, leaping and laughing together.

But the hole I dug got Mistress thinking.

Here’s a few ideas:

The Crater:

One night there is a terrific grinding noise outside and in the morning the inhabitants of the seaside village find that the playing fields have disappeared and in their place is a gigantic circular crater as wide as two football pitches. It’s so deep that the Blackpool Tower could stand up in it. Whenever anyone goes near, the air above it shimmers and there is a humming sound. One day all the village dogs have disappeared and are found standing around the crater and staring into the centre. Your dog is there too. What do you do? What happens?

Don’t go down the hole:

You know you’re not supposed to climb down into the hole on the cliff, but you and your friend think you’ll risk it – for fun. You can’t see the bottom but you climb down anyway and you can’t believe what you find. There’s a whole world down there and the inhabitants want you. What happens?

The cave by the sea:

You are exploring the seashore with your friends and you decide to look for a cave that people say is at the bottom of the cliffs. It’s supposed to lead deep below ground and to a cave where, long ago, pirates hid their treasure. You find the cave, but you find that something or someone has been living down there for some time and while you are exploring they come back to see who has entered the forbidden place, their sanctuary. What happens to you all, who or what is the owner of the cave?

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