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I run out into the garden every chance I get. Mistress thinks I’m sniffing the flowers but I’m really getting the scent of all the animals that come in when I’m not there – just checking up who’s been snooping on my patch.

Imagine my surprise, one early morning, when I turned a corner onto the passage that leads into the field and came face to face with another dog! The strange thing was that it looked exactly like me, same colouring, same ears, same size, same angry tail! I almost collapsed with the shock – and the cheek. I soon recovered and barked a warning but then I was staggered when it did exactly the same thing. “You’ve got a nerve”, I thought. All I could do next was rush forward to scare it but it leapt at me and suddenly we were nose to nose. I blasted it with my fiercest bark, showed it my impressive teeth and jumped at it. That’s when I got another shock… I crashed into a cold hard piece of glass, bent my nose and almost shattered all my impressive teeth.

It was a mirror – out there in the garden – why?????

Mistress found me staggering around looking a bit woozy and explained that it was there as a decoration. The reflection of the passage made you think the path went on and on – when it was really behind you. It was a special garden mirror. Really?

But the mirror got mistress thinking.

Here’s a few ideas:

Come through:

You discover a tall dusty mirror in the attic. As you try to look at your reflection the dust billows everywhere. A sudden beam of sunlight strikes through the grime of the tiny window and it seems as though the dust has become slivers of silver, gold, diamond. Then the surface of the mirror clears and you lean forward, feeling that you need to step into the mirror itself. You find yourself in another place entirely. Where are you? What happens to you?

The mood mirror:

You are angry and you stand in front of the hall mirror brushing your hair with fierce strokes. Suddenly you notice that there are two bumps on your head and this makes you even more angry but the bumps grow and grow until they are obviously horns. Your hands become claws, your teeth, vicious fangs. You throw down the brush and go in search of the family. They take one look and run off screaming. Your appearance returns to normal when you calm down but you notice that if you look into the mirror whilst feeling a strong emotion, then your appearance changes to match it. You can make this last as long as you like. You feel the power and you…

The Time Mirror:

The hall mirror is an antique but new to your house. One night you pass by when it is dark and the lights are off. You are thinking about earlier that morning and glancing at the mirror, you notice it reflects the view from the hall window – but exactly as it was that morning. When you touch the surface you find that your arm passes right into it. You risk climbing through and discover that you have stepped back in time, not only that but you can redo the things you did earlier, and this time make some changes. You are a time traveller! What will you do with this new found power?

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