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Last night when mistress let me out for a stroll in the garden, there was a full moon that bathed everywhere with beams of daytime brightness. It was freezing but I could only tell because everywhere was coated in a deep crystal frost and as I crossed the grass my feet scattered the shards of ice like silver dust. I wasn’t cold because my fur is deep and thick but I felt like leaping and racing around, barking my head off – and I did. I saw the fox across the field; he was trotting speedily and dangling from his mouth was a dead bird, a large one which was his prey that night. He stopped and stared at me so I had to bark to warn him off.

The owls began calling to each other and a black cat peered down at me from the lower branches of the beech tree and hissed. That was cheeky. Then I heard a man walking in the woods and I knew it was very late for humans to be there, in the dark. He was speaking quietly on one of those things they hold next to their ears. If I hadn’t barked loudly at all these things Mistress would have thought I wasn’t doing my guarding job - but what did she do? She dragged me in for waking the neighbours which I thought it was a waste of a perfect moonlit night.

Mind you, she got thinking about frost and the moon.

Here’s an idea or two:

Land of Everlasting Ice:

You have been sent there by your school as a punishment for something. The trouble is – you are innocent but you know who is guilty and they’ve been sent as one of your guards. When you get there you discover the magic of the land and learn of a terrible quest. You escape your guards and set off. What happens? Do you make it?

Moonlit hare

There is a local legend, in the forest where you live, of a magical hare that only appears on a moonlit night to someone in great need of help. You feel like that and one night as you look out on the moon-silvered path through the trees, you see the hare and you know instantly that it is waiting for you to join it.

The Ice champion:

It’s the time of the School Ice Olympics and you’ve been training hard, determined to win your event this year. Someone has other ideas for you. What happens as the event draws near?

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