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Every day is great for a dog like me. But Mistress was reading a leaflet that came from The Dogs’ Trust. The lead story was about the dogs that humans throw out when they’re fed up of them! Imagine that! One old dog of fourteen years old was sold on the Internet by her owners. It was only a short while before the people who bought her found she couldn’t play and run and she made a mess everywhere. (I love making a mess!) But the new owners of the old dog threw her out the following week - onto the street! It was just lucky that a far kinder person found her and took care of her. She’s got a Forever Home now, thanks to The Dogs’ Trust. Mistress says I’ve got one of those.

Another day there were news items about dogs who worked with a Mountain Rescue team in Scotland and found some people who had got lost in blizzard and were injured on the mountain. There’s a man down the road who has a guide dog, a nice Labrador that I sometimes play with. He takes his owner for walks, knows his way everywhere and fetches things for him in the house. One TV programme was about dogs that look after owners who can’t hear, guarding them and telling them if there’s someone on the phone or at the door. Some dogs have people who can’t move much and they help with the housework, pulling the clothes from a washing machine and opening doors, bringing the phone for their human and all sorts of handy things.

I don’t do housework like that but I do guard all my humans and the other animals. I usually bark if there’s something dodgy about. Mistress said all the neighbours can hear me – five miles away. I was really pleased with myself.

She got thinking about helping and caring.

Here’s an idea or two:

Strange cub:

You’re a wolf and belong to a pack that lives in the forested hills of a cold country. One morning at dawn, you’re returning from a night’s hunting with a few of the pack and you hear a human child crying. It’s wrapped in a blanket and under a bush, near the human path through the forest. You and the others give it a good sniff and a lick. It can stand up, but it’s wobbly and grabs the fur on your ruff. There is no sign of other humans anywhere. What do you and the pack do with the child?

The magician’s dog:

One day a magician discovers a dog waiting by his door and it refuses to go away, whatever he does. What sort of magician is he? Does he have an act on stage or TV, is he a real magician from centuries go or has he time-travelled from another dimension? What’s the dog like? Has it any special talents? What do they decide to do together?

I will never leave you:

You are a robot that is the home-help for a family with unruly children. One day they decide you are useless and old fashioned and want a new model, so they stuff you in the rubbish bin and order a new one. You are programmed to have feelings and to be steadfast and determined. Do you stay in the bin to be taken to the recycling depot or do you do something much more interesting?

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