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Happy New Year 2016

“Happy New Year!” is all I’ve heard from visitors and neighbours. What is it anyway? Dogs don’t have new years, just nice new days and nights, new bones, new walks, new things to sniff. Don’t get me wrong – I like a nice human celebration like Christmas or birthdays because everyone is happy and there are good snacks and people visiting. For New Year they have parties and watch the telly all night and stay up late. Now I don’t mind lying in front of the fire, snoring and quietly toasting. What I do mind is when they watch scary films, gasp and scream loudly and hide their heads behind cushions. I’m forced to get up and climb on their knees to lick their muzzles, which is the only thing that cheers them up. Then I have to lie on them for the rest of the film to keep them quiet, and to get a bit of peace myself. The things I do for my humans!

Mistress got thinking about scary things.

Here’s an idea or two:

Zoo ghost: It’s the Christmas holidays and you and your friend are helping out at the local zoo. It’s part of a voluntary scheme to help animals in your area. The zoo is massive, with huge open pens and acres of grounds as well as many different buildings for smaller types of creatures. It’s late afternoon and the zoo’s closing. You’re both in the Monkey House when suddenly they all go very quiet. A mist appears to be creeping under the door and, as you watch, it forms into a figure. What is it? Is it a force for evil or good? What happens?

The dark house: You and a friend are dog-sitting for your auntie and you’re watching a ghost

film on telly. Suddenly the screen goes blank and the dog starts to howl. All its fur is standing on end and it walks with stiff legs to the cellar door – then looks at you both and barks. You decide you must go down and have a look – just in case there’s anything there. The light won’t work so you grab a torch and down you go. What happens?

The abandoned fairground: You’re at the fair with the family and having a great time. Everywhere there are laughing people and the music is loud and fun, the lights sparkle and you can smell candyfloss and burgers on the cold air. Suddenly everything speeds up and becomes a blur before your eyes, the music is deafening and you can stand it no longer, you scream until your throat hurts, hands over ears, eyes tightly shut. Then silence hits you like a hammer. Slowly you open your eyes. The rides are still running, the lights are twinkling but all is silent and there isn’t another person to be seen. You are alone – for now...

What happens next?

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