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Christmas pets

There’s a big shop called Pets And Us, which is where Mistress gets my food from. She said that this time of year it’s crowded with Christmas goodies for pets - fancy edible houses and Christmas trees for rabbits and hamsters, new dog toys, and even dressing up clothes for dogs, cats and rabbits! No way am I being dressed as a Christmas pudding – or wearing reindeer antlers. I don’t mind a bunch of bells on my collar once a year but clothes are just too much.

The shop also has a section where they offer unwanted pets for adoption. Sometimes the owners are too ill or too old to look after their pet so they find someone who can give their animal friend a new home and the love they need. I call that thoughtful. Sometimes they just don’t want the pet any more. Now that’s sad but at least they take it somewhere to find it a home.

But what’s worse is just dumping pets – especially after Christmas when they’ve been unwanted presents. Last year, two days after Christmas, Matty, the Labrador next door found a box of kittens dumped behind a bin, almost hidden by bulging black bags. He was giving his humans their walk when he heard the kittens crying, so he pulled his people over to the bins and tossed the bags away with his nose – and there they were – three little black kittens in a cardboard box! Matty adopted them straight away and they play with his tail and sleep in his bed with him. He even shares his food. They’re a year old now.

A dog is for life – not just for Christmas! That’s what The Dogs’ Trust car sticker says. I think someone should make one that says Pets are not toys!

This got Mistress thinking.

Here’s an idea or two:

The box: You find a box by the bin and as you watch, it begins to shake – just a little. What’s in it? What happens next?

Rabbit universe: Design a fabulous play pen for a rabbit. Draw the design and add labels – for example: I metre deep sand pit for tunnelling, tree with low branches to leap onto, 10 metres run with 1 ½ metre head room for high jumps, swimming pool with lilo.

Swap: You and a friend are pets belonging to a large bear/ dog/ alien life form. How’s life going for you both?

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