Bonfre Night

It was Bonfire Night this week, at least it’s supposed to be only one night, but it’s been every night for the whole week near our house. There was fire and smoke on the air all the time and I could smell the stuff in the fireworks. I wasn’t worried about the bangs and whistles but next door’s cat (friend of mine) was so petrified that she climbed up the curtains and wouldn’t come down – hung on with her claws. When they got her down she leapt from her mistress’s arms and shot upstairs to get under the duvet. The horses down the road were scared when some people fired rockets over their field. The horses crashed into the fencing and their owner had to get the vet because they were injured.

My mistress said this must be what it’s like when there’s a war and your home is getting bombed. She’d seen films about WW2 and on the news, places across the world that are at war now – today. It’s Remembrance Sunday today and Mistress and all the family went to the Cenotaph to join in the ceremony where everyone remembers those who’ve died in wars. People took their dogs and Mistress took me along too. I had to sit still and be very quiet. Animals also get killed

in the bombings, farm animals, pets and many army animals too.

Mistress got thinking later...

Here’s a few ideas:

Just in time: You come across a person or an animal in terrible danger. You’ve got to help them somehow because there’s no time to lose. Where are you? What has happened and how do you help? Can you save them?

Scared: Someone in your class is scared of fireworks and the whole Bonfire Night thing. Kids in another class chase them at lunch time break, taunting them and making fun, trying to make them scared of everything in school too. The frightened child has come from another country. You and your friends witness this bullying. What happens?

If only… You’ve been on holiday in a hot country but you can’t board the plane home because of unexpected and extreme weather. Local houses are made of wood and have been washed away. The hotels are closed, the airport’s full. What do you and your family do to stay safe – and alive?

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