Dog Blog 18

Drawing time

She’s drawing this week and I’m keeping an eye on her while she does it. It’s been horses, horses, horses all week, all massive, all with flying hooves, all with big bottoms and some of them dressed up. Weird - I know. She’s doing illustrations for the sequel to one of her books, Mac – small name, big horse, big story.

It’s all about a girl and a horse. There are two girls in her class who give her a hard time – y’know the sort of thing, they say her hair’s like a crow’s nest and she looks like a giant marshmallow. Any dog that did that to me - I’d be showing them my best smile – with all my shiny white teeth… Anyway, the girl gets a horse, Mac, and he helps her sort the bullies out in the summer hols. This is before they go to high school.

This sequel (what happened next) is set just before the first Christmas at high school and the two stalker-girls (stalkerettes) are there again. It’s called, Stolen – and I don’t mean the presents! Mistress told me what happens in the story – and I’ve seen all the pictures – can’t tell anyone though.

Must say, I like horses, especially ours. At tea time they let me dip in their food bowls to take a carrot and I get to lick their noses, which smell very interesting. They’re big and gentle if you’re quiet round them. Sometimes strange dogs look through the gate and bark their heads off but they soon leg it when I appear… this is my herd of horses they're barking at.

Mistress got to thinking while she was drawing.

Here’s a few ideas:

Power pen: You love drawing and always have a pad and pen with you, especially for journeys. You suddenly notice that whatever you draw begins to happen soon after, like when you drew someone swimming then Mum decided you should go to the pool that afternoon. Once you were drawing a team of sled dogs driven by a man in furs and as your car passed a road junction, you saw the very dog sled in the distance, the driver waving. So, you start drawing things you actually want to happen, like masses of chips for tea – it works. What do you draw next? What do you with your powers?

Dog in the playground: You’re having problems with some kids at school and wish you had a massive dog to protect you, warn them off. You try imagining this dog but instead of the giant you want to imagine, your mind keeps showing you a Chihuahua. It’s tiny but fierce and fits in your pocket when you go to school. This dog helps you deal with your enemies in a surprising way, even though it can be seen only by you and them. What happens?

Vampire horses: It’s almost Hallowe’en. You notice that the herd of horses in the field near your house seem to be changing in strange ways. What do they do? How are you involved in their plans?

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