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Hallowe'en's coming

Mistress has written a new book that’s set mostly in WW1 and is a ghost story too - The haunting of Swallows’ Hall. Three children are moving into a new house that once belonged to a relative. The day they move into Swallows’ Hall, they discover it’s haunted, and not only that, they find themselves transported back a hundred years to WW1 in Britain. Powerless they watch as the sky is filled with giant Zeppelins and their own ancestor fights a deadly battle with her evil enemy – in the air above them. The only contact they have with Dad in their own time is via a mobile phone, and he definitely doesn’t believe they are a hundred years in the past, yet still in the same house he’s in! This is one of Mistress’s creepy stories. But the bright side is there’s a picture of a German dog in the book and it looks exactly like me. Now she can’t stop thinking about dogs and creepy stories.

Here’s a few ideas:

Deep inside the box: You’ve always been told you must never open the old box in the attic, but one dark night, you and a friend go up there, with a candle to light the way. You open the box. What happens? Is something in there? Does it come out? Do you get dragged in? Does anyone know where you are?

Midnight forest: The wind has been tearing at the trees for hours, branches crash all around the shelter you’ve made and your torch has died. You are lost along with two friends and the dog. Suddenly the wind stops and all is silence until, from the distance, there comes on the air the sound of bells, dogs howling and the tramp of feet. You all hold your breath as the sounds move slowly closer. What happens?

On wings of night: Each night for a week, a bat has been hunting on the air outside your window. It calls to you as it flies and finally you open the window so that it can fly inside your room. It grows as it lands, speaks to you with great courtesy and invites you to climb on its back. You can’t resist and it takes off again. Together you fly out of the window and into the night. Where do you go? Why? What happens to you both?

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