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Autumn days

It’s the first day of Autumn today. That means I get to hide my head under the piles of leaves in the woods and then jump out at Mistress. Pity she’s never shocked, it’s as though she knows I’m there. It’s getting fantastically cold in the day (I love mud) and toasty warm in front of the fire at night. If I were the sort of dog that chases squirrels, it would be great because there are hundreds of them, thousands of them, in the woods next to our house. It’ll soon be Hallowe’en too. Mistress dresses me up so that I don’t feel left out when kids come for Trick or Treat. I was a ghost dog last year and she draped a white sheet over me and made eye and nose holes. They didn’t know it was me! The kids tried to get my dog treats through the nose hole until one of them pulled it lower and over my mouth so that I could eat - but not see. Another good thing about this season is that on frosty nights the moon’s got a halo round it and the air is so crisp that I can hear other dogs from miles away. We all go out for that last ‘walkie’ and bark to each other. Then I’m a wolf and I howl at the moon until someone shouts from the house, “C’mon, poppet, bedibyes!”

Mistress got to thinking about Autumn.

Here’s a few ideas:

The disguise: You’ve always wanted to see if people would recognise you if you were disguised. You decide to try it out at school and you get changed in the garden shed so that the family can’t see you. What is your disguise? What happens at school? Do they let you in your own class?

Conkers: You have invented several special uses for conkers and you set up production, in secret, in your room. You begin selling your inventive products at school and on the internet. Soon they become so popular the ideas go global. What did you invent? Why is it such a fab idea? What do you do with all the dosh (money)?

The howling: The dogs in your road have been howling each midnight for a week, after which it suddenly goes quiet. Next day all the dogs go missing from home. Where have they gone? Did they go of their own accord? Were they taken or lured? Do they return safely?

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