I was watching a TV science programme with Mistress. This time a dog was the star and it had gone into space – get it? star / space??? The dog was a tiny little thing, it was in a machine they called a space capsule with a harness. You could see it through the glass canopy thing. The programme was about scientists from Russia who were trying out space flight for the first time and they tested their spaceship with a dog as the very first astronaut.

I was enjoying the idea of going on a trip ‘til they said the dog died up there. I gave Mistress a hard stare and she told me she’d never send me into space! Then on the news there was a story about another dog passenger – don’t worry, this one was saved. It had been saved from dying in a hot car without open windows, a passer-by had broken the window with a brick to let him out. The owner had popped in a shop for a minute but then she’d fallen and banged her head and was taken off in an ambulance, so she couldn’t get back to the dog! (The owner was okay in the end – phew!)

Mistress got to thinking about dogs.

Here’s a few ideas:

The trip: You are an astronaut and working on the Moon Base, a massive lab that does experiments. One day you look out at the lunar landscape and spot something moving in the distance and discover it’s a dog! It’s bouncing around from rock to rock – and without a spacesuit ( there’s no air on the moon). It waves at you! No one is around so you get in your own suit and go outside to find the dog.

The rescue centre: At weekend you help at an animal rescue centre. One day you and a friend hear the Manager on the phone, he’s arranging to sell the animals and keep the money. Sound like he’s been doing this for a while. You can’t believe it. What do you and your friend do?

The mountain: Your mum trains dogs for mountain rescue work and one day she phones home from the local mountain where she’s been walking with her

own favourite dog. She’s fallen and broken her leg and then the phone goes dead. You contact the Rescue Team first, then you get your own pup, who’s only just begun to learn the tracking job, and you go for her yourself, even though the Team said to wait at home. What happens? Do you make it? Does Mum? Do you both need rescuing?

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