Lost my pal – best friend. He’s a cat and he’s the only cat I’ve met that listens to me – no he doesn’t wag his tail and bark and I don’t meow or purr– but we understand each other every time. We had the best times together.

He sleeps in my bed when he stays indoors but really he loves being out at night, especially when there’s a full moon. I sometimes find him kipping in the old rabbit hutch in the greenhouse because there’s soft thick hay in there and when it’s hot he has a cat nap in a big plant pot filled with hard soil. And y’know – he loves my dog food. I never mind stepping back while he tucks in because he does the same with his cat nosh - so tasty!

We often go for a walk down the field with Master – I pretend to do cat chasing and then he turns round and jumps up to grab me round the neck like he was a lion attacking its prey – his favourite move! Every day he’d come running down the garden to meet me when they let me out in the morning and we’d both rub noses and sniff fur. Then one day he didn’t.

He’s gone missing - it’s three weeks now. Mistress put up notices on the road asking people if they’d seen him and lots phoned and said they’d seen a cat just like the photo but when she went to see, it wasn’t him – it wasn’t my ginger pal. Everyone tells Mistress cats go walk-about for a while and then come back – a sort of holiday.

I’m keeping my eyes open and one day – maybe…

Obviously this got Mistress thinking.

Here’s an idea or two:

Who are you?: It’s the summer holidays and really hot. You’re not going away anywhere this year and you’re a bit bored until one morning a creature turns up in your garden / yard / balcony. It’s lost and needs help. What is it? It could be a cat, dog, parrot, alien creature, zoo animal, farm animal. What do you do and should you tell your family?

The wrong train : You’re at the station and waiting for the train that’s to take you on a holiday trip but you’re not paying attention and when you turn round

your family’re nowhere to be seen. The train on the platform where you are waiting is about to pull out so you leap on at the last minute thinking they are on it. They’re not. Where do you end up and what happens to you? Do you get home? Have you got a mobile phone? Could this be a ghost train or a portal to another world?

The worst day of my life: One of the family gave you something precious of theirs to hold while they go for a swim in the sea. You lose it on the way back to the beach. What is it – an object or something live? What happens to it? Has it been stolen or got lost? How do you get it back – if you do? Write this as a diary entry of the worst day of your life.

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