I’ve been attacked - twice. This morning it was the swallows who kept dive-bombing me and screeching in my ears just because I was sunning myself outside the stable where they’ve got a nest. There were tiny squeaks coming from the nest so I suppose the eggs had hatched. But I’m not likely to fly up and get them am I? Anyway, fancy having your babies in a balcony bed. You’d think they’d fall out – but no – every year they do this and the babies hang on to the edge until they’ve got just enough feathers on their wings to float down onto the ground. I think it’s dicing with death.

Then later in the evening the humans were sitting outside watching the sun go down (don’t ask me why – it does it on its own every night!), when I was attacked again. This time it was bats, loads of them. They’re tiny little fluttery things and there’re hordes of them swooping around for the flies – mostly just past my ears.

Mistress laughed like a drain when I tried to catch them and said I had a mouth like a crocodile but it got her thinking.

Here’s an idea for a story:

Now who’s the weirdy one? : You live in Vampirluna because you’re a vampire like everyone else in your family and the rest of the land. One day you are bitten by a strange bat and suddenly your fangs disappear and you feel sick at the thought of blood. What happened to you? What do you decide to do? What do your family think and do now?

I can fly! : You’ve always wanted to fly – no, not in a plane or anything man-made – you want to do it on your own. Do you manage it? If so, how did you do it? What happens next? Does someone need your help?

The final Dog Fight : In WW1 when planes battled in the air it was called a dog-fight. Your Dad’s a pilot and taught you to fly before he was injured and now he’s grounded. You’re too young to join up and fight but you steal a plane to join in with the last battle in the air over Britain. You can be a boy or a girl who has disguised herself. What happens?

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