It’s raining – again, and it’s supposed to be summer.

Humans say ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ but I don’t think that’s funny. Mistress was watching a TV programme and I was there doing my impression of a footstool so that she could rub her feet on my fur. Hey- someone’s got to do it and I get a nice back scratch. Anyway there was a programme about Extreme Weather showing a hurricane and a tornado – y’know, those massive winds that can blow down houses and lift cows and dogs up off their feet. Well, in this one we watched the tornado (the spiral wind that races along the Earth) scooped up loads of frogs from a big pond and dropped them out of the sky miles away. Then it showed the same thing with fish in a river. So I guess you could say it was raining fish and frogs!

Mistress doesn’t know I always watch everything on TV. If I lift my head and prick my ears when there’s a dog on she says, “Awww, look, she’s watching, bless! She’s seen the dog! I wonder if she understands?” Nice. Actually I’m just taking a look at the dog that’s swearing or screaming to see what’s making them yell so much. If it’s a sheep dog trial then there’s no barking at all and I need to watch so that I can see the expression on the dog’s face when the handler is whistling his or her head off. It’s usually – “Yeah, right. I do know where the sheep are…”

All this TV watching, dogs and rain got her thinking.

Here’s an idea or two:

Alone in the night: You’re the faithful dog of a human family that own and run a private zoo. One night when taking yourself for a walk round the enclosures and pens you notice the gate to the Gorilla enclosure is open. What happens to you that night? Tell the story from the dog’s point of view – as it happens!

Storm: You’re a TV reporter. You and your team of Sound and Camera technicians are stuck in the middle of a terrific storm – from outer space. It’s the first the world has ever experienced. Where are you? What’s happening? Is there rain, wind, lightning or something else? Write what you say to camera as all three of you struggle to report the storm and to keep your lives.

Hound hero: Your family dog has always been relaxed and cool – and let’s face it – a bit of a slouch on the couch, content to snooze all day. One bright morning danger arrives and threatens the baby. What is it? What does the dog do? You can write from your own point of view in a diary or the dog’s as he or she thinks things over, reviews events that night before getting back to that all important snooze.

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