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Not my fault – again! I was out in the woods with Master and someone pinched the car. Not my fault because if I’d been there I would have seen the robbers off big style. The car was old but it was his favourite. Mistress said whoever did it would be sorry because it had no diesel in, the wheel might fall off and it smelled like an unwashed dog bed. I resented that – smelly beds are best. Next door’s car was pinched at the same time and the funny thing was the keys were in it and Bob (next door) was in the middle of washing it and he’d gone in for some more soapy water! When he came out all he had on the drive was soap suds. Our car was unlocked because Master said no one would want it…

Just shows you – what they need is me at the bottom of the drive on duty and barking at EVERYONE who comes past. But – they should get me a pal so that me and Master can still go on our walks and we can leave the deputy dog there when I’m out enjoying myself.

Having the car stolen got Mistress thinking.

Here’s an idea for a story:

Crime wave: You are the reptile keeper’s helper at the zoo and together you are responsible for the 6m long Anaconda that weighs more than a big man. One morning you arrive and find the cage has been unlocked and it’s gone! So has the motor boat that is kept moored at the river side end of the zoo. All the other animals are in uproar, monkeys shrieking, wolves howling. Everywhere there are signs of a struggle and damage; things are knocked over, windows broken and there’s a massive hole in the wire fence surrounding the gorilla enclosure. Looking closely you see the hole has been made from the inside. What happened?

Accidental astronauts: Your parents are scientists at an International Space station orbiting Earth and you live there too. One day you are minding your baby brother and he’s found a way into the command cabin of the latest high speed defence ship. He turns everything on. What happens next?

Stolen: You wake up to find yourself surrounded by a group of masked figures and in a helicopter over the ocean. How did you get there? Who are these people? What do they want? Where are they taking you and why?

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