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I’ve just hidden something really delicious – well, it will be delicious once it’s been in the ground for a week. It’s one of those chewy bones Mistress bought from the pet supermarket. I have to say they smell weird until they’ve been buried for a while. Mistress hides things too. Last week she was throwing everything out from the cupboard under the stairs to find a present she’d hidden there last Christmas and had just remembered about . Eventually she found it – a box of chocs but when she opened them they were a strange white colour and I don’t mean with a dusting of Christmas snow. Apart from chocs being bad for dogs – I couldn’t even give them a sniff without feeling faint.

And another thing, the other day she was up in the loft and found an old diary of her Gran’s, from the First World War. It was tucked under the lining of a leather suitcase. It seems this Gran bred dogs, German Shepherd dogs and there were lots of photos glued in the diary with names like Badger, Maisie, Old Floss and Topper. Wonder if they were relatives of mine? Finding and losing things got her thinking.

Here’s an idea for a story:

The map: You find an old map of your area and in the place where your house is now, the map shows a Roman Fort once stood. That same night you begin to hear noises of men talking, a woman’s scream, the clash of swords, tramping feet. What have you stirred up from the distant past? What happens the next night, what happens to you?

The invention: You, a child genius, work in a secret and very well hidden laboratory and you invent things. Your latest idea is a world changing invention and you put the plans in the safe before you leave one night. In the morning they have disappeared and the safe is locked. What was the invention? What will it mean to the world? What happened to the plans – and the inventor?

Stepping into someone else’s shoes: You are playing in the attic of an old person you know well. Tucked under some clothes in a chest you find a pair of shoes that are only a little worn but are wrapped in tissue paper and in a strange box. What are the shoes like? Try them on. What happens to you?

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