Dog Blog 6

We’re off to the beach. Mistress likes me to hurtle across the sands and chase a ball. I do it to please her but seagulls are what I really like. I got chased by one when I was a pup and now all I want to do is race along and scare them all off the beach. No chance of catching one because their mates come up behind you and use those razor sharp beaks to poke and stab. And one of them snatched Mistress’s ice cream once.

She had it in her hand ready to get that first lick and was turning to pay the man in the van when down came the great feathery thief. It was like a fighter jet; it swooped in a perfect arc, grabbed the whole cornet and was up again and away. It didn’t even drop the ice cream; it landed out on the beach and ate it with all its mates trying to get a lick too. Mistress usually gives me the end of her cornet with ice cream in it so we were both mad. I spent the next hour plotting to get them back but she had other ideas.

Here’s an idea for a story:

The pirate’s dog: A pirate chief has a small stray dog he / she rescued from dog-nappers who collected dogs for their fur. At first the small dog was sea-sick and needed a warm coat because all its fur fell out when it was captured. The pirate takes it on all his / her voyages and one day it repays the kindness by saving the chief’s life. What happened?

The sea mirror: You are exploring the rock pools left when the tide is out, imagining what it would be like to visit the small worlds under the water. You suddenly realise that there are people and strange creatures in the tiny valleys and hills. As you watch you see certain weird events unfold. Each rock pool holds a different land but you realise that some of the creatures travel between them. That’s not all; one creature is being pursued by the rest. Why? What happens? Can you help?

The ice-cream seller : One day a new ice-cream cart is seen on the Promenade. An ancient old woman with long and beautiful hair is the seller of such marvellous ice-cream that soon there are long queues of children waiting to have one. Each child’s ice cream has a different flavour and a different effect on the one who eats it. As the children wander onto the beach to enjoy their treat, they hear the old woman singing in a voice that is almost too wonderful to bear. What happens to the children? Are you one of them? How long do the ice creams last?

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