Dog Blog 5

Chasing crows is one of my favourite hobbies and one day I’m going to get one. If only they’d stick to the rules of the chasing game and run along the ground instead of pretending they can only waddle and then flying off when I’m two metres away.

Then they have the cheek to sit on one of my beech trees and chuckle when I tell them to clear off. Five of ‘em sit in a row on a branch and just laugh their beaks off. Watch out is what I say. Anyway, imagine my surprise when yesterday I saw a red, yellow and blue bird sitting on the very branch. I tried giving it one of my long stares but it took no notice and just twittered and whistled like a crow with a cold. Actually I thought it was a crow that mistimed its flying and had flown into a painter’s van or into a Nursery when they were painting pictures and got coloured-in by the little kids. But no, it turns out it’s a Parakeet, says Mistress, and it’s lost, a lost pet bird, somebody’s prize pet – probably flew out of a window left open by mistake. Awww. Mistress said she’d look for me if I got lost but I know my way

home alright and I know when I’m well off so she couldn’t lose me if she tried. In any case, it got her thinking about getting lost or escaping.

Here’s an idea for a story:

Wrong planet: An alien child has been dropped off by its parents – on the wrong planet - and in your bedroom. You are both so shocked at the pop-up meeting that you drop the dog and the alien drops its communicator which your dog then snatches and destroys in two crunches. Do you talk to each other? Does

the alien have any skills that you don’t? Is this a good thing or not? What do you both decide to do? Can the alien help with a problem? Does it get home eventually?

Travel book: An elderly relative lent you a book on distant countries which they enjoyed reading as a child. It’s old and dusty but when you open the book it comes alive, the pages glow with colour, you can almost feel the wind, smell strange scents, hear the trees or the traffic moving in the picture. You look closer, you feel as though you’re being drawn into the scene and in the blink of an eye you are actually there, the book clutched under your arm. Where are you? What happens to you? Do you get home?

Lost: You’re on a school trip and the place you’ve visited gives you the creeps. Unbelievably, you and your best friend get left behind and miss the coach home. Where are you? Why is it so creepy? Something extraordinary happens to you both and you must escape. What happens? Are you ever found or are you forever lost?

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