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Mistress has been to the hairdresser to have her fur cut off! Strange human. Mind you, the poodle down the road was shaved all over the other day. She was suddenly slinky skinny where before she’d been like a ball of wool on pin legs when she chased me round the park! Now she’s got a pom-pom on the end of her tail (lollipop look-alike) and one on the top of her head (door knob). Maisie, that’s her name, told me that having short fur makes her run faster. Don’t believe it – she’d have ‘go-faster stripes’ if that were true and anyway – she’ll never catch me!

Mistress says changing your hair style makes you feel different but I say dogs like me feel just great as they are. No one’s coming near me with a pair of clippers – that’s for sure! I’m just happy in my own fur and with my own style. I told Mistress and that got her thinking about things that change.

Here’s an idea for a story:

It’s actually magic! - You’ve read all the books, seen all the films about kids that have magic wands and know how to use them. One day you’re pretending a chop stick is a wand and suddenly find that it actually works. How does this change your life? What do you do with your new found power?

Stranger in the house - Your brother / sister comes home from a school holiday but they have changed so much you don’t recognise him / her at first. The hair, clothes, attitude, behaviour and voice are different – but it’s definitely your sibling. There’s trouble at home because of this but what happens to you in the middle of it?

Time slip – you’re playing in the field at the back of your house, focussing on making a little forest with twigs stuck in the mud, but when you look up you find your house has gone and all you can see is rough grassland! You turn round and where the farmer’s field was is now a dark and looming forest. What’s more, there is a pack of wolves peering through the trees at you and there’s a kid with them; he wears a leather tunic and carries a spear. Where are you? What time period is it? What does he want from you? How do you get home?

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