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Mistress’s drawing her head off today so I’m sitting here, waiting for her to get up so that I can follow her around like a shadow. Must admit, I’ve been for the LONG walk in the woods already and I’m chilled, unlike that Chihuahua we met. It ignored its shrieking owner and started yelling at me a mile off and galloped over, looking as though it would eat me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not scared of anything; I’m bigger than most and I do like to meet and greet other dogs so I don’t rush up to them roaring as though I want to snack off their hind leg. Let’s face it a Chihuahua would get stuck in my teeth but not before it’d savaged my toes and made a mess of the pedicure. Any way there’s my good looks to consider; I’m fond of my long black nose and chestnut fur and I don’t take kindly to those who want to spoil them.

It’s just that I wish some owners would teach their tinsy tiny dogs a few doggy manners and not let them grab bigger dogs’ ears and swing off their tails (and biting my bottom is a definite no-no!). But if a big dog says to its attacker, “Whoa, pal – don’t do that! I’m fond of me ears!” then the tiny dogs’ owners start blubbing and crying, “Oh, he’s only ickle and your big mutt is upsetting him / her / my baby / my poppet!”

If I rushed over yelling and uninvited, the owners would climb up trees and leave the dog to save itself. “Save yerself, Skippy, it’s a wolf! Arghhh!”

It’s just not fair.

I told Mistress this and she agreed and dashed off some ideas for stories.

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